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Welcome to Broxus docs

Broxus is TVM premier infrastructure developer. We have developed a range of DeFi solutions for the Everscale and Venom ecosystem, including FlatQube, Octus Bridge, EVER Wallet and more.

Everscale Inpage Provider →

This library seeks to be a powerful tool for building web3 applications that work with TVM-compatible blockchains. It helps you build statically type checked contract interaction, pack/unpack complex cell data structures or write elegant transaction parsers using streams and a bunch of combinators.

Locklift →

Development environment for TVM-compatible blockchains. Node JS framework designed to facilitate the building, testing, running, and maintaining of smart contracts for TVM (TON Virtual Machine) blockchains like Everscale, Venom, Gosh and TON.

Nekoton Python →

Nekoton-Python is a Python binding for Nekoton, a Rust library that acts as the foundation for wallets interacting with TVM (TON Virtual Machine) compatible blockchains. This binding allows Python developers to utilize Nekoton's functionality in their applications, offering an abstraction over transport and support for Native tokens. It can be used to develop Python applications that interact with blockchain.

OctusBridge Integration Guide →

Octus Bridge serves as a vital connection between EVM-compatible networks and the Everscale network. Its primary function is to facilitate the smooth transfer of tokens and data across supported networks.

TIP3 Api Reference →

TIP3 is a standard for fungible tokens on TVM-compatible blockchains. It is based on the ERC-20 standard, but with some modifications to make it compatible with TVM.